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Fallacy, Fiction and Falsehoods: Part 2

by Jared Stonesifer, Director of Media Relations
This is the second in an ongoing series of blogs taking a deeper look at the comments, misinformation, hyperbole, and criticisms from the natural gas and petrochemical industry as well as their allies in their attempt to sell Pennsylvanians on the virtues of its climate-killing sector.

Engaging on Environmental Concerns and Listening across the State: Meet the CEO Happy Hours

by Jacquelyn Bonomo, PennFuture President and CEO
PennFuture President and CEO Jacquelyn Bonomo reflects on recent events held across the state. Read more

PennFuture Joins Forces with Franklin County Coalition for Progress for Presentation

by Taylor Nezat, Campaign Manager for Watershed Advocacy, PennFuture
The community gathered to learn more about Climate, Stewardship and Environmental Justice. Read more

Cloudy with a 100% Chance of Solar Power Generation

by Stephanie Rex, Director of Communications
How one family went solar after PennFuture's Annual Pittsburgh Solar Tour. Read more

RESPECTAgZone Aims to Protect Community from Intrusive Proposed Power Lines Route

For the past year, residents of Indiana Township, adjacent to Hartwood Acres County Park, have been under a threat that would change their way of life, the appearance of their community, the value of their homes, and the safety of their land. The threat has been unnecessary on many levels, and yet i Read more

State Budget Headed in the Right Direction for Environment

by Ezra P. Thrush, Director of Policy, PennFuture
For the first time in years, environmental agencies will not see budget cuts. Read more

Opinion: Wolf and Wagner need to be specific in plans to help the environment

Jan Jarrett recently wrote this op-ed for PennLive. Read more

Philadelphia’s Green City, Clean Waters Needs Funding to Achieve Goals

by Alice R. Baker, Senior Staff Attorney
PennFuture Staff Attorney Alice Baker discusses the important issues of stormwater management. Read more

Protect Your Forests: 2018 Farm Bill Update

by Ezra P. Thrush, Director of Policy, PennFuture
Fighting for an equitable Farm Bill and what's to come. Read more

A Recap of the 2018 PA Clean Water Lobby Day

by Taylor Nezat, Campaign Manager for Watershed Advocacy, PennFuture
State groups came together to fight for clean water in Harrisburg. Read more

The New Tax Law and Charitable Giving

by M. Travis DiNicola, Director of Development
Learn more about how the new law affects your choices. Read more

Public Comment Closes on DRBC Fracking Regulations

by Abigail M. Jones, Staff Attorney
Majority supports ban on fracking, but what’s next? Read more

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