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Harrisburg Punts on Environmental Protection in the State Budget (Again)

by Matt Stepp, Director of Policy
The environment continues to be set aside in the state budget process. Read more

Part I: A Primer on Pennsylvania’s Water Crisis - Challenges Impacting Every Community

by Jan Jarrett, Communications, Outreach and Policy Consultant, Matt Stepp, Director of Policy
This primer is Part 1 in a two part series, with a sidebar providing a brief history of Pennsylvania’s policy fight for clean water, a description of the water pollution challenges impacting Pennsylvanians, and the potential solutions toward providing clean water for all. Read more

Pennsylvania’s History with Water Pollution Policy

by Jan Jarrett, Communications, Outreach and Policy Consultant, Matt Stepp, Director of Policy
Pennsylvania’s first statewide policy for preventing water pollution was the Purity of Waters Act of 1905, which set the first limits on how much “sewage” could be placed into Pennsylvania’s waterways. Read more

Protect Clean Water in the Keystone State

by Glenn Watkins, Water Resources Coordinator, National Wildlife Federation
A guest blog from the National Wildlife Federation for PennFuture's Water is Life Month. Read more

Supreme Court to Interpret Reach of the Pennsylvania Clean Streams Law

by George Jugovic, Jr., Vice President of Legal Affairs
The Pennsylvania Clean Streams Law, enacted in 1937, is the main law designed to protect our state’s abundant fresh water resources – from fast rushing mountain streams, to slower flowing valley rivers, to underground water that navigates through cracks and spaces between rock and soil. Read more

Protecting the Mighty Susquehanna

by John Arway, Executive Director, PA Fish and Boat Commission
A look at the latest issues facing the Susquehanna River. Read more

Water is Life: Celebrating Chesapeake Bay Week

by Ezra P. Thrush, Campaign Manager, Watershed Advocacy
A time to reflect on current challenges and a way forward. Read more

A Climate of Conversation: Perspectives on Climate Change and Clean Energy

by Larry J. Schweiger
A look at a recent panel discussion in Pittsburgh. Read more

PennFuture Goes to the Peoples Climate March in D.C.

by Zakia M. Elliott, Southeast PA Outreach Coordinator
Hear what PennFuture staff and members had to say about their experience at the Peoples Climate March. Read more

Clean Energy Pittsburgh: Leading the Way

by Brittany Reno, Sharpsburg Council Member
A participant in Clean Energy Pittsburgh's first workshop shares her perspective. Read more

A Voice in Defense of Science

by Larry J. Schweiger
A Voice in Defense of Science Read more

Meet the Donor: Ann Foster

by Susanne Whitehead, Director of Donor Relations
A monthly donors describes her support for PennFuture. Read more

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