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Pennsylvania still not doing its part to restore the Chesapeake Bay

by Taylor Nezat, Campaign Manager for Watershed Advocacy, PennFuture
Pennsylvania comprises 35 percent of the entire Chesapeake Bay Watershed, but our efforts at reducing pollution in the watershed continue to fall short. Read more

Running for a Reason

by Jared Stonesifer, Director of Media Relations
How far are you willing to go to prove a point? For Sam Bencheghib, it’s about 3,100 miles, or roughly the distance between New York and Los Angeles. Read more

Before You Leap, Learn About Your Water Quality

by Alice R. Baker, Staff Attorney
As you head out for a swim to cool off this summer, take minute to learn about what you are jumping into. Read more

The Problem with Pipelines

Picture courtesy of Sam Rubright/FracTracker Alliance
by Jared Stonesifer, Director of Media Relations
The burgeoning petrochemical movement is in its infancy in western Pennsylvania, but we’ve already experienced significant detriments to both the environment and private property because of fracking and pipeline accidents. Read more

PennFuture's Rob Altenburg appointed to DEP committee

DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell appointed Rob Altenburg to a two-year term on the agency’s Air Quality Technical Advisory Committee. Read more

The Opportunity for Green Stormwater Infrastructure in Philadelphia’s Rebuild Initiative

This picture, courtesy of the Philadelphia Water Department, shows Heron Playground’s Porous Surface.
by Lena Smith
Green Stormwater Infrastructure is integral to Philadelphia’s economy, environment, and social equity. Read more

Pennsylvania State Budget Turns Blind Eye to Environment

by Ezra P. Thrush, Director of Policy, PennFuture
PennFuture's Director of Policy recaps the recently-passed state budget and how it impacts the environment. Read more

PennFuture strongly opposes Tohickon Creek downgrade

by Jared Stonesifer, Director of Media Relations
On July 11, PennFuture’s legal team submitted comments to the state Department of Environmental Protection, strongly urging the agency not to downgrade the status of the Tohickon Creek in Bucks County. Read more

Artists Interpreting Climate Change, Part 3

Courtesy of Stacy Levy
by M. Travis DiNicola, Director of Development
PennFuture's Director of Development talks about the intersection of art and climate change. Read more

The Importance of Agriculture to Clean Water

by Taylor Nezat, Campaign Manager for Watershed Advocacy, PennFuture
The time has come for environmental organizations and agriculture groups to work together to address clean water issues. Read more

A Look at the 2018 Draft Integrated Water Quality Report

by Emily Rinaldi, Campaign Manager, Northeast Region, PennFuture
Pennsylvania is a water rich state with approximately 86,000 stream miles connecting more than 700,000 acres of lakes, bays, and wetlands. Protecting and monitoring such a high volume of the Commonwealth's waterways is a challenging but necessary task. Read more

PennFuture Submits Comments Opposing the Dirty Water Rule, Engages More Than 1,400 Citizens to Do the Same

by Abigail M. Jones, Staff Attorney
On Monday, April 15, PennFuture submitted public comments opposing the Trump Administration’s proposed revised definition of “waters of the United States” under the Clean Water Act. Read more

New Definition of “Waters of the United States” Threatens Clean Water Act Protections

by Abigail M. Jones, Staff Attorney
On February 14, 2019, the federal agencies tasked with regulating our nation’s waters under the Clean Water Act – the US Environmental Protection Agency and US Army Corps of Engineers – issued a new definition of “waters of the United States,” which will dramatically limit the protections of the Cle Read more

D.C. Visit Marks Success for the Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay Day on the Hill Lobby Day on March 6, 2019 with Senator Bob Casey.
by Taylor Nezat, Campaign Manager for Watershed Advocacy, PennFuture
PennFuture and clean water advocates from across Pennsylvania teamed up on March 6 for the annual Choose Clean Water Coalition (CCWC) Chesapeake Bay Day on the Hill. Read more

Final Farm Bill Signed into Law Marks Big Win for Conservation

by Ezra P. Thrush, Director of Policy, PennFuture
PennFuture's Policy Director explains how the bill will impact people across the state. Read more

Reducing Methane Pollution Requires Action Now

by Rob Altenburg, Director, PennFuture Energy Center
A look at the latest steps being taken to reduce methane pollution in PA. Read more

Save the Land and Water Conservation Fund

A guest blog explores some of the sites funded by LWCF. Read more

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