Hurricane Sandy Five Years Later: Telepresser Event Presents Discussion on Extreme Weather & Climate Change Impacts

Philadelphia, PA (Oct. 25, 2017) – PennFuture will host a statewide telepresser event on Tuesday, Oct. 31, commemorating the fifth anniversary of Superstorm Sandy while exploring the issue of extreme storms and impact of climate change. The discussion will include insights from experts on the state of President Donald Trump’s lack of a response to this year’s string of disastrous extreme weather events. 
PennFuture President and CEO Larry J. Schweiger will join Rob Altenburg, Director of the PennFuture Energy Center, in a discussion that will focus on the enormous cost of superstorms to taxpayers, and the cost of inaction on part of the government when it comes to a lack of a climate policy that addresses the issues of infrastructure, rebuilding, and doing the work needed to alleviate climate change.
The telepresser conference will take place from 11 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 31. Please RSVP by contacting PennFuture Director of Communications Stephanie Rex at rex@pennfuture.org to receive the call information. A question and answer session will take place during the last 15 minutes of the call.
“The science could not be clearer that climate change is driving these storms to become more intense and more destructive over time,” Schweiger said. “While our government should be facing this issue head on to address our changing atmosphere and infrastructure weaknesses, elected officials continue to scrub the federal administration’s website of all mentions of climate change, living in a state of denial as the people suffer and struggle to rebuild. The time to act is now.”
Schweiger recently served as a featured speaker at former Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training in Pittsburgh, as he also serves as board chair of Climate Reality. Altenburg has extensive experience with the PA Department of Environmental Protection and has worked specifically on work related to the role that our energy systems have on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.
While families and communities on the East Coast continue to rebuild five years after Superstorm Sandy, and citizens of Houston, Texas have just begun this long-term process themselves, we ask if we can morally move on to the next story in the news cycle without making rational and responsible decisions for our future. 
This year, the United States has experienced one of the most intense hurricane seasons in recorded history. In addition to September being the most active month on record for Atlantic hurricanes, the United States has experienced unprecedented flooding, deadly wildfires, and dangerous heat throughout 2017. 
As the federal government continues to avoid addressing these disasters in an appropriate and effective way, our speakers will examine why taxpayers cannot afford continued stalling from our legislators and the current administration on climate change.
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Director of Communications
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