Thank you for your support of PennFuture! 

Donations of stocks help PennFuture protect our air, water, and land, while leading the transition to a clean energy economy in Pennsylvania and beyond.

This is a fast and simple process which can be done through an electronic transfer, or certificates can be donated through the mail. 

PennFuture has two accounts available to receive donations of securities. To make an electronic transfer of stock, your broker will need the following information to do so: 

Brokerage: Fulton Financial Advisors 
DTC #: #0901  Bank of NY
Acct Name:  Fulton Bank, NA, FFA Div Trust
Acct #: 092651
For final credit to: PennFuture  
Contact information: Melissa Krepps, Relationship Manager, Charities & Endowments, Fulton Financial Advisors  717-735-8509 or

Brokerage: NFS, LLC   
DTC #: #0226  
Acct Name:  National Financial Services LLC 
Acct #: J7M-112973
For final credit to: Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future 
Contact information: Serina Green, Director of Operations & Strategic Growth, Signature Financial Planning  412-390-2800 or

You will also need to provide the following: 
1. Your name and mailing address 
2. Type of stock 
3. Number of shares 

We recommend that you contact us to confirm the transfer. When you provide us this information, especially your name and address, we can personally thank you and send a tax receipt. 

Additionally, you may choose to mail the unendorsed certificate and a signed stock power, separately, to the following address: 
Attn: M. Travis DiNicola
610 N. Third St.
Harrisburg, PA 17101-1113

Legal name and address to use: 
Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future
610 N. Third St.
Harrisburg, PA 17101-1113

Tax ID (EIN) Number: 31-1607866 

Upon receipt of your gift, PennFuture liquidates the securities so as to be able to immediately put these funds to use to support our mission. If you are interested in PennFuture’s own investment policies, please see below for more information:

Fulton Financial Advisors 
Signature Financial Planning 

We’re here to help! For questions and to notify us of your generous gift, please contact M. Travis DiNicola, Director of Development, at 717-214-7924 or