Susquehanna River Rally to Raise Awareness of Clean Water Issues Ahead of State Budget Negotiations

(May 31, 2018) Harrisburg, Pa. – Environmental organizations and clean water advocates, including the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), PennFuture, the Choose Clean Water Coalition, PennEnvironment, Sierra Club Pennsylvania and the Susquehanna River Trails Association, are joining together for the Second Annual Susquehanna River Rally to be held on City Island in Harrisburg on Saturday, June 9. 
“We ask that families and friends join us at the Susquehanna River Rally to raise their voices, their rally signs, and their paddles high with the Pennsylvania Capitol as our backdrop to hold our legislature accountable for addressing our clean water crisis,” said PennFuture Campaign Manager for Watershed Advocacy Taylor Nezat. “We will celebrate the mighty Susquehanna River and leverage its location and abundance to remind our legislators that clean water in Pennsylvania must be a priority.”
In Pennsylvania, world class trout streams, exceptional whitewater and unique rivers and creeks provide respite and recreation for citizens across the state. Despite the recreational value these natural resources provide, Pennsylvania waterways and drinking water remain severely threatened as roughly 19,000 miles of waterways remain unfit for fishing, swimming, and in many cases for sustaining life of native aquatic species. Furthermore, Pennsylvania ranks third in the nation – behind Texas and Florida - for most reported drinking water safety violations. 
“Now is the time to invest more funding in Pennsylvania’s waterways, not less,” said Amanda John Kimsey, Program Manager for Pennsylvania & Delaware, National Parks Conservation Association. “Pennsylvania’s waterways not only provide drinking water and recreational opportunities for millions of people, but they give life to our state’s national parks by sustaining natural ecosystems. As Pennsylvania lawmakers gear up to pass a 2018 state budget, NPCA and partner organizations are speaking up for the health and future of our state’s waterways and clean water programs. Continued investment in clean water is not only vital to public health, but to the future of Pennsylvania’s public lands and economy as well.” 
The Second Annual Susquehanna River Rally will bring citizens of all ages together to advocate for clean water funding and encourage state legislators to make clean water protections a priority in the state’s budget. The rally will take place from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 9 at City Island, Harrisburg, PA –  Beach House Area. Partner organizations will provide boats and kayaks for attendees. Participants who own kayaks or canoes are encouraged to bring their own. 
To attend and for more on the Susquehanna River Rally, please register here, and view last year’s highlight video here. 
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